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Where Does Seanese Money Go - Seanese

Where Does Seanese Money Go

June 07, 2019 1 Comment

Where Does Seanese Money Go

Thank you everyone who has supported me in my business. I really love thinking up t-shirt ideas. My Seanese website is slowing down a lot. And I am hoping that I can donate a lot more baby onesies this year than  I did last year.

I donate $1 from every shirt sold to Baby onesies for new parent gifts at Down syndrome Associations.

Last year I sold 1,502 shirts, but I donated extra money and donated $2,000 and gave 360 baby onesies to 13 different Down syndrome Associations.

This year at the end of May I’ve sold 849 shirts. 340 of those shirts have been sold at my Pop Up Shops.

The rest of the profits go to fund my ABLE Account. My dream is to one day have enough money in my ABLE Account to buy a condo. 

If I keep doing more Pop Up Shops I hope I can donate more baby onesies this fall.  Some of the new parents have sent me their pictures and their babies are so cute. Thank you everyone for your support.

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Kristin Torres
Kristin Torres

June 19, 2019

You are so clever and so creative! I love your shirts and I can’t wait to wear mine! Thank you :)

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