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In The News

Born Fabulous Podcast YouTube Videos of Sean and Sean C's interview:






In My Own Words Interview by Sam Anderson

What 'Born This Way' Star Sean McElwee Wants You To Know About Being an Entrepreneur 

Born This Way Star Brings Onscreen Stardom to Capitol Hill to Advocate for More Opportunities for Jobseekers with Disabilities

Star of Emmy Award Winning Reality Show Brings Small Business Message to Capitol Hill

Houlahan Chairs Hearing Focusing on Role of Small Businesses

Share the Spirit: Down Syndrome Connection helps Bay Area Parents Celebrate their Children

Buddy Walk in Mobile Tomorrow

Down Syndrome Gala and Buddy Walk Week

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Nothing Down Created an Ad for Seanese.com

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Cooking with Carlina

Parenting Special Needs Magazine September/October 2018 

Nothing Down Presents "Sean" 

Emmy Award-Winning Show Born This Way Highlights Businesses Owned By People With Disabilities

Two Entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome Collaborate on Joint Project: John's Crazy Socks and Seanese Tee's

14 Positive Peer Role Models for Kids With Down Syndrome

Sean McElwee Interview--Inspiration Matters

‘Born This Way’ Star Sean McElwee Launches T-shirt Company Seanese

Reality Start T-shirt Line Goes for the difference

Seanese: A talk with Sean and Sandra McElwee of A&E’s Born This Way

Seanese McElwee of Born This Way

NDSS:Success Story Sean McElwee

New Hearing Implant Changes Life of Born This Way Star Sean McElwee

Born This Way -- A Chat with Cast Members Sean and Sandra McElwee

Interview on Accessibility with the McElwee’s

 Sean McElwee- Born This Way Starry Constellation Magazine

Evolution Revolution Tee for Two: Seanese 

Sean from Born This Way and his mother Sandra McElwee #speakup4CTFO

 Exclusive: ‘Born This Way’ Cast Spills What’s Next in Season 4